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Apr 19

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Apr 19

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Apr 19


We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….


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Apr 19

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Apr 19


Fjaðrárgljúfur. South Iceland

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Apr 12

My baby is a 10, we dressing to the 9, he pick me up we 8, make me feel so lucky 7, he kiss me in his 6, we be making love in 5, still the one I do this 4, I’m trying to make a 3, from that 2, he still the 1.

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Apr 12

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Apr 12


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The cutest!

Apr 12

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Apr 10

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Apr 9



Seriously. I’ve had so many dudes tell me how much they’re not into making out, and I’m just like “BUT KISSING IS GREAT”

I looooooooove kissing, if it were a sport I’d be the captain.

yes. this is me.

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Apr 9

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Apr 9

 Silvia Sani

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Apr 9

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Apr 9

Am I a prude?

I can relate to this.

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